Inhibitors and biochemical compounds

Merck offers the Calbiochem® brand ofhigh quality small molecule compounds, inhibitors, activators, cell signalling path cascades and all the necessary biochemical components.

Calbiochem® inhibitors from Merck: kinase/phosphatase, cell viability, protease, neutrodegenertion, oxidative stress, inhibitor cocktails and others.
Biochemical compounds
Some research, such as molecular biology, cell analysis, chromatographic separation and identification of proteins require certain specific biochemical compounds with specific properties. Therefore, every life science research laboratory must have essential biochemical compounds, such as antibiotics, buffers, detergents, dyes and substrates. Biochemical compounds are very important in research, including cancer, apoptosis, cell signals, neurology, cell life processes, toxicity, metabolism, cell structure and epigenetics, inflammation and immunology, and stem cells.