Every laboratory that we design starts with an idea. Talking to our clients we establish their needs, from the number of workplaces needed to the specificities or their laboratory tasks, and then offer suitable equipment and laboratory safety elements, furniture, fume and safety cabinets.
We draft a laboratory design project and 3D visualisations and drawings, depicting the entirety of the building, laboratory furniture and equipment. Furniture of appropriate dimensions is chosen and ergonomically arranged in the location, taking into consideration the ventilation, water and gas supply installations. Furniture colour and safety fittings are discussed with the client.
Based on the coordinated project an estimate is drafted.

Before production of furniture starts, the location is evaluated and utility connections are checked, non-standard solutions are coordinated with the client, draft drawings are modified and coordinated.

The laboratory furniture manufacturer Merci, that we represent, produces high-quality durable furniture compliant with the European Standards (EN) and safety regulations.
The furniture is then assembled and installed by qualified and trained by the manufacturer engineers. All required utilities are connected and equipment is installed. The fume hoods are tested, the gas and fluid systems are checked for leaks.
The laboratory personnel is trained to use the equipment, furniture, fume hoods and safety fittings in a safe and efficient manner. The operational and maintenance safety procedures are delivered.
Technical service
Should any technical problems occur, our qualified engineers are ready to remove the disruption on-site. If needed, our staff can carry out regular control checks of your devices and equipment.