Sterile filtration

Reliable solutions for sterile media filtration. Sterile filtering technologies that have evolved into the best known international standards for sterile filtration: Express PLUS, Durapore, MF-Millipore, Fluoropore.

For more than 50 years, Merck has been a leading manufacturer of sterile membrane filtration equipment for various industries. Innovative solutions for mammalian cell culture systems today have significantly expanded and include cell culture inserts, filter plates and optimized cell culture platforms for precise control of the microbiological environment.

Cell Preparation
Cell Preparation: the tools you need to prepare media is for cell cultures, to fully reduce the risk of contamination and increase your workflow efficiency.
Cell Cultivation
Cell Cultivation: regardless of your cell culture needs, we offer solutions to help you get the optimal cell culture results.
Cell Analysis

Cell Analysis: analysis tools and products, as well as new cell culture technologies and cell culture platforms for collection and analysis of a large amount of data.

Automatic cell count Scepter™ 2.0 for counting cells and monitoring their status. Sterile Stericup® vacuum filter is ideal for sterile filtration of cell culture media, buffers and reagents. Sterile Millex® syringe filters for reliable low volume filtration. With EZ Millicell® plates you can streamline your cell culture analysis, monitoring the required parameters in a single device.