Shut-off valves, measurement and control systems

A wide range of shut-off valves, fittings, measurement and control systems for various industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical, cosmetics, food and beverage, chemical, environmental, energy production, industrial water treatment, processing, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries.

GEMÜ manufactures valves and measurement and control components for applications in high-temperature, high-pressure and critical working conditions.

Types of valves: butterfly, pressure control, ball, solenoid, multi-port (venting, diaphragm, control, check), globe, pilot.

GEMÜ butterfly valves
GEMÜ butterfly valves are primarily used in industrial applications and the chemical industry, as well as the fields of water supply and water/waste water treatment. The concentric and single-eccentric designs are available as standard. However, the double-eccentric and triple-eccentric shut-off valves are also available for projects on request. Use of matched control components such as position indicators, positioners and process controllers allow GEMÜ butterfly valves to also be used in control circuits.
Pressure control valves
Pressure control valves are used to provide a constant back pressure in process plant. They can also be used as pressure relief valves to reduce pressure peaks in the bypass and/or balance pressure oscillations. Depending of specific applications, 3 types of pressure control valves are offered.
Ball valves
Ball valves can be used in many different applications. However, they are primarily used in industrial processes, in the fields of water supply and water/waste water treatment. In addition to this, GEMÜ plastic ball valves are successfully used in the chemical industry. Alongside valves with straight through body (2/2-way valves), T valves (3/2-way valves) are also available. Accessories, such as seal adjusters and stroke limiters, manual overrides, proximity switches, optical position indicators and electrical position indicators, round off the ball valve portfolio.
Solenoid valves
Solenoid valves are designed for fast cycle duties and are particularly suitable for dosing applications. The major areas of use are the widest range of general industrial applications.
Multi-port valve blocks
Multi-port valve blocks are mostly used for combining functions in the smallest of spaces in one block. It is an extremely compact valve solution with shorter installation times, which increases plant reliability thanks to fewer connection points.
Diaphragm valves
GEMÜ diaphragm valves are used successfully in many different applications. These valves can metal aseptic or single-use, suited for sterile processes in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnological industries. Depending on the version, GEMÜ metal industrial diaphragm valves are particularly suitable for use with both inert and corrosive media. They can be used to control and/or regulate heavily contaminated liquid and gaseous media or media containing tiny particles. Plastic GEMÜ diaphragm valves are made of high-grade plastics. This allows a large range of applications to be covered, for example in the field of water/waste water treatment, the chemical industry, surface finishing and the widest range of general industrial applications. Some examples of applications that use these plastic diaphragm valves are water softening units, chemical handling in washing installations, dosing systems for paints, among other.
Control valves
Control valves are compliant with a range of different requirements, based on their application area. When choosing check valves it is paramount to take into account the specific requirements of the processes. Depending on the area of application and the type and accuracy of control required, other valves, such as diaphragm valves, butterfly valves or ball valves, can be used for control tasks.
Check valves
Check valves are used in virtually all types of systems, as well as numerous processes and applications. GEMÜ offers various types of check valves for all industries.
Globe valves
Globe valves are ideal for fast cycle duties, higher temperatures and control applications. Although they are often used for steam control and in the field of water/waste water treatment, they can handle the most diverse of applications in industrial processes, yet also in sterile and hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industries.
Pilot valves
These pilot valves are designed for pneumatically operated valves, cylinders and other process components. Using this valve type makes sense from both an economic and ecological perspective, as they can reduce the compressed air consumption in the plant, which in turn saves both costs and resources.