Filtration equipment for the food industry

MMS has over 10 years' experience in designing and manufacturing laboratory and industrial membrane systems for food, biopharmaceutical and water industries. The company offers solutions for the food and beverage industry with the main focuses on the dairy industry. Membrane filtration systems with filters from the most well-known companies (MF, UF, NF, RO), presses with cardboard filters, filter bags and their mounts, plug type and modular filters.

Whey processing line (food class)
  • Storage of whey, contamination reduction, removal of small particles
  • Separation of cream
  • Application of reverse osmosis to concentration of whey up to 18% TS
  • Pasteurisation of whey concentrate
  • Protection from evaporation of whey concentrate
  • CIP control of storage containers
  • Full production automation and entire line's CIP
Whey processing line - animal feeds class
  • Storage of whey used for production
  • Whey reverse osmosis
  • Whey ultrafiltration
  • Storage of whey and lactose concentrates
  • Full production automation and entire line's CIP
Milk protein concentration line

Milk protein concentration is a complex production process, therefore the high standards of hygiene and the composition of this protein-rich product must be taken into account, when designing this process.

  • Multistage heat exchanger for energy compensation and "fast" heating
  • Micro-filtration for removal of bacteria and degreasing
  • Protein ultrafiltration of chosen concentration
Soy milk line

When producing premium soy milk the specific soya flavour has to be eliminated from the soya extract. To do this, MMS offers the ultrafiltration system, which, along with protein and oil concentration, performs debittering.

  • Soy powder extraction
  • Decanter of insoluble solids
  • Ultra-filtration with debittering and concentration
  • Mixing with flavouring and aromatic substances
  • Homogenisation
  • UHT