Filtration equipment for the preparation of samples

Extra class Merck membrane filtration equipment for laboratory and clinical sampling, sample preparation, and production of buffer solutions and HPLC mobile phase.

Samplicity® filtration system
Innovative, new-tech Samplicity® filtration system is a great alternative to syringe filters when preparing samples for chromatography. Samplicity® system is the first vacuum filtration system to filter 1 to 8 samples in standard HPLC vials. Simply connect a vacuum pump, place samples with a standard pipette, and turn the knob – and even the most viscous sample will be filtered in just a few seconds. Another important aspect is low delay volume, which allows to filter up to 300 µL volume of samples.
Millex® non-sterile syringe filters

Improve the signal/noise ratio of your analysis, keep your analyte clean and extend the life of the equipment with reliable Millex syringe filters. Millex filters are probably the most convenient choice of the highest quality for sensitive instrumental analysis, such as gas, liquid or ion exchange chromatography, due to low amount of extractable substances and membranes that do not bind the sample. Wide range of chemical compatibility allows to use these filters with almost all samples.

MultiScreen® plates
Multiscreen HTS plates are specifically designed for high-performance workstations.Side walls of plates are made of a hard material to facilitate their maintenance, and still have enough space for bar code labels. Each well of the plate is separated from the others to avoid mixing during incubation. For better access to the filter, the lower plate may be removed. Filter plates come in 96- and 384-well platforms, with selectable filters and plastic.
ZipTip® pipette tips
ZipTip are 10 ml pipette tips with integrated 0.2 or 0.6 µL of chromatography aspirator. Modern aspiration loading of the tip allows for precise capturing of the aspirator position and leaving no unused capacity of the tip. Fast desalting and concentration of peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, fractionation and purification of complex samples prior to analysis – no loss of sample volume.