Formulations for medicines

Raw production materials for hard, semi-hard (soft) and liquid dosage forms. Smart and functional excipients for medicines. A wide selection of raw materials. Services for the development of medicine formulations and launching their production.

Solid dosage forms
The development of medicines in solid forms with controlled functions is one of the key tasks of the modern pharmaceutical industry. It requires innovative approaches and appropriate formulations. We offer everything for the production of solid dosage forms, including excipients and additives, lubricants, binders, fillers, sucralose, and many other applications adapted to your products. In addition, we offer the benefit of our years of experience in developing new products and improving the products already produced.
Semi-solid pharmaceutical forms

Our solutions and the necessary means for semi-solid dosage form formulation, development and manufacturing processes will provide more room for flexibility and creativity. They include gelatin agents, antioxidants, moisture enhancers and targeted acidification products. Solubility and stability can be achieved by using surfactants or natural adhesives. Our preservatives meet all pH requirements.

Liquid dosage forms
Merck has vast experience in the technology of liquid pharmaceutical dosage forms. We provide high-quality products and the best solutions, meeting all quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for the production of syrups, nose/eye drops, tinctures, ointments, salines or injections. In addition, we have a wide range of solvents, preservatives, pH modifiers and stabilizers.