Clean rooms

The increasingly demanding requirements of production processes make it necessary to use suitable installations that guarantee final product quality. In cooperation with Telstar, which has over 30 years of experience in the clean room field, we provide the best and widest variety of solutions, depending on customer and needs. With constantly advancing technologies at hand and our qualified team of professionals we will help you to optimise your processes based on your locations, equipment, energy and other resources. We adopted Telstar philosophy of quality above everything else, which is why our installations comply with current international standards, providing the customer with a modern, easily managed, safe installation.

An appropriate design is a must, ensuring cleanliness and sterility of the location. Any laboratory has to be designed and installed to allow easy cleaning and disinfection, it has to be non-organic, liquid-impermeable and resistant to chemical substances used.

Telstar architectural solutions include:

  • Specific requirements to clean rooms
  • Modular design of constructive, integrated, coordinated systems comprising walls, ceilings, floors, doors, lighting and sanitary wear of specific characteristics

Laminar air flow systems
Telstar offers a complete range of products with fan filter units to be wall or ceiling mounted, portable clean air units, room air renovations and laminar airflow modules, for the highest levels of product protection, used particularly when the products are sensitive to contamination.
Telstar HEPA filtered air showers
Air showers are specially designed to remove particulate matter from the clothing of personnel entering and exiting containment areas. In the Telstar HEPA filtered air showers the particles are removed from clothing or materials being transferred by high-speed jets of air.
SAS pass through boxes
Telstar SAS systems are specially designed for the safe transfer of materials between classified areas or between a classified area and a non-classified area. Telstar SAS systems can be configured to bio-decontaminate the materials being transferred; thereby reducing the burden on the exit atmosphere.